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Letter from the Executive Director

Access to technology can change the life of a person. It means they can complete their schoolwork, connect with friends and family, apply for jobs, and learn important digital literacy skills that will lead to employment and financial stability. Without access to technology, people cannot keep up in today’s digital world and they remain on the margins.

Since 1997, Minnesota Computers for Schools has refurbished more than 94,000 computers and placed them in schools and in the homes of students across the state of Minnesota. And, through our CORE: IT workforce training program, we have provided IT workforce training to 1,751 students – providing them with certifications and skills needed to begin a career in IT.

We’re on a mission to provide digital equity. And with the help of our passionate team of supporters, we’re making progress every day.

Tamara Gillard
Executive Director

Our Mission

Minnesota Computers for Schools works collaboratively with schools and educationally focused community organizations to provide technology solutions and skills training to individuals in need.


By the Numbers

People Served


Percent of people served come from historically underrepresented groups in technology


Computers Placed

Students Trained

Pounds Recycled


Lifelong Learners:

Lifelong Learners provides technology solutions to students who are unable to attend class on a regular basis.

Students Received Computers

CORE:IT Certification Training

CORE: IT Students

CORE: IT provides students with general computer literacy skills and credentials that lead to careers in networking, security, software technology, or hardware support.

CORE:IT Youth Training

During our in-school and extended day classes or summer camps, at-risk youth are encouraged to explore the world of technology through exciting courses like Game Coding & Design, Web Design & Development, and App Design.

students participated in STEM education programming

Computers for Classrooms

Computers Placed in 2019

Through our computer donation and recycling program, we provide no to low-cost computers to schools and educational nonprofits. 

 “Thank you so much for giving the gift of technology to my students. The hours of work you spend refurbishing these computers provides students and their families with invaluable access to better lives and education.” – Madison

MCFS Updates

MCFS is NAID Certified

MCFS completed all required steps to become NAID certified in 2019 and in January 2020 we received our official certificate. We are proud to say that we have had zero data breeches in our 23-year history and our NAID-certified data sanitization processes guarantee that our equipment donors’ data is safe.

New Volunteer Program

In 2019 we opened our doors to volunteers and began building a passionate community of people who are dedicated to helping us close the digital divide! Volunteers help test and build computers and recycle e-waste.


Our Team

Board of Directors

Bill Tatum / Charlie Magiera / Deb McGahey / Deb Sevelius / Eric Henly / Erin Wait

Greg Quale / John Gardner / Marla Haley / Otto Doll / Rich Braden


Adam Zurawski / Brian Beaupre / Debra Gramza / Hnou Vang / Jim Christiansen

Jim Thirsten / Katie McMahon / La Vang / Neal Lewis / Rob Cardinal

Sameer Abdallah / Shawn Cabusi / Tamara Gillard / Tim O’Connor / Tom Tieman


“When I started, I knew in my head that this is a field that is ever changing. I’m going to keep going otherwise I’ll be stuck in the dark ages with all the change that’s happening.” – Jamol

Our Donors

American Family Insurance Dreams Foundation
Anna Lovegren
Barbara Doyle
Barbara Vincent
Best Buy Foundation
Bigelow Foundation
Bill & Karen Richard
Cheryl Moeller
David Scheffler
Deb McGahey
Doug Swenson
Ecolab Foundation
Elise Balderrama
Eric Henly

Erin Wait
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation
Gary Urban
Hardenbergh Foundation
Jerry Sosinske
Joel Krogstad
John Gardner
Julie Wexler
Kathryn Nixdorf
Katie McMahon
Marla and Dean Haley
Mary Ellen Fleming
Michelle Kneip

Nancy Price
nVent Foundation
Otto Bremer Foundation
Otto Doll
Parker Lewis
Peter Stiegler
Poehler/Stremel Charitable Trust
Richard M Schulze Family Foundation
Russell Fraenkel
Shelly Grambo
St. Paul & Minnesota Foundation
Subaru of America Foundation
Tamara Gillard
Timothy Barrett
Travelers Foundation



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Looking Forward


2019 was a big year of change for MCFS – we laid the foundation for organizational growth. And while 2020 brought unexpected challenges, we’re looking forward to the year ahead. We remain dedicated to providing digital equity in Minnesota and ensuring that every student has an equal opportunity for success in school and in the workforce.